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Let Bakersfield Lighting convert your current lighting with an energy-saving LED retrofit kit.

Are you considering an LED retrofit for your business? Let us help you! Retrofitting your lighting, both interior and exterior, and even signage is a great way to improve your energy efficiency, reduce your recurring maintenance costs and improve your lighting quality. In today’s business environment, businesses need to find ways to improve while focusing on the bottom line. Energy efficient technology can help you do just that, by cutting energy costs, increasing efficiency and saving you money.

There are a couple of ways interior and exterior lighting retrofits can be done. One way is retrofitting existing fixtures to allow for maximum performance with a minimal investment. We can retrofit your existing system with energy efficient replacement parts. This provides efficient lighting and savings on energy costs, without the expense of replacing the entire fixture. Occasionally there are fixtures that cannot be retrofit. They can however, be replaced with more energy efficient LED fixtures. Either option will substantially reduce your energy usage and help you to save long term on your utilities bill. We can also convert your business signage to LED which leads to a reduction in downtime for your advertising due to outages. Please contact Bakersfield Lighting, Inc., today and let us show you how retrofitting to LED can save you money!


Call us today at (661) 324-0918 and let us help with your lighting needs today.